sialbaca alloy

The harmfulness of oxygen in steel is mainly manifested in the following three aspects.
1. Produce inclusions. When the molten steel solidifies, the excess oxygen combines with other elements in the steel to form non-metallic inclusions, thereby destroying the steel matrix.
The continuity of the steel reduces various mechanical properties such as strength limit, impact toughness and elongation, and magnetic permeability and welding performance.
2. To form bubbles. The oxygen content in the molten steel is too high, and it will react with the carbon in the steel again during the casting process to produce CO gas, which will make the steel
Ingots (blanks) produce defects such as porosity, porosity, and even rise, which can cause steel ingots (blank) to be scrapped.
3. Aggravate the dangers of sulfur. Oxygen can reduce the solubility of sulfur in steel, aggravate the harmful effects of sulfur, and make the hot brittle tendency of steel more serious.
Deoxidation ability of each element
At a temperature of 1600 ° C, when the content of the element in the steel is 0.1%, the deoxidation ability of some common elements is from strong to weak.
It is: Re-Zr-Ca-Al-Ti-B-Si-C-P-Nb-V-Mn-Cr-W, Fe, Mo-Co-Ni-Cu.
Now we can see that SiAlBaCa Alloy is a good deoxidizer in steelmaking, because Mn, Si, Al and Ca are commonly used deoxidizing elements in steel making.