applications of ferro silicon

Ferro silicon is made by coke, steel scrap (iron oxide scale) and quartz (or silicon) as raw materials through electric furnace to smelt. It is an important auxiliary material for casting iron and steel making and it is mainly used for deoxidation and regulating the chemical composition of steel. Therefore, the applications o ferro silicon is wide and various in casting and steel making industries. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy, as professional ferro silicon suppliers, will enjoy the applications of ferro silicon to help you how to choose and purchase ferro silicon.


The Applications of Ferro Silicon:
★It is used as a deoxidizer and alloying agent in the steel industry. In order to obtain qualified steel and ensure the quality of steel, deoxidation procedure must be carried out in the final stage of steel making. The chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen is very high. Therefore, ferro silicon is a strong deoxidizer for steel making for precipitation and diffusion deoxidation. A certain amount of ferrosilicon adding into the steel can significantly improve the strength, hardness and elasticity of the steel. Thus, ferro silicon is also used as an alloying agent in smelting structural steel (Si:0.40-1.17%), chisel tool steel(SiO 23-1.8%), spring steel (SiO:40-2.8%) and silicon steel for transformers (Si: 2.81-4.8%). Meanwhile, ferrosilicon can improve the shape of inclusions and reducing the content of gas elements in molten steel. Ferro silicon is an effective new technology ferro alloy for improving steel quality, reducing costs and saving iron.


In addition, the use of ferro silicon powder at high temperature can release a large amount of heat in the steel-making industry, which is often used as a heating generating agent for steel ingot caps to improve the quality and recovery of steel ingots.
Therefore, whatever ferro silicon price is, it is essential for steel industry to purchase. However, the ferro silicon price is always floating due to factors such as electricity prices, raw materials and environmental protection.

★It is used as an inoculant and nodulizer in the cast iron industry. Cast iron is an important metal material in modern industry. It is cheaper than steel and it is easy to melt and smelt with excellent casting properties and much better seismic resistance than steel. In particular, ductile iron has mechanical properties that are at or near the mechanical properties of steel. Ferro silicon adding a amount to cast iron can prevent the formation of carbides in iron and promote the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite. Therefore, ferro silicon is an important inoculant (help to precipitate graphite) and spheroidizing agent in the production of ductile iron.

★It is used as a reducing agent in the production of ferro alloys. Not only the Si of high silicon ferrosilicon is the chemical affinity between silicon and oxygen, but also high silicon ferrosilicon has a very low carbon content. Therefore, high silicon ferrosilicon is a commonly used as reducing agent in the production of low carbon iron alloys in the iron alloy industry.

★The applications of ferro silicon in other field. Ferro silicon powder by finely or atomized can be used as a suspension phase in the beneficiation industry. It also can be used as a coating for welding rods in the electrode manufacturing industry. And high silicon ferrosilicon can be used in the chemical industry to manufacture products such as silicone.

The steel making industry, the foundry industry and the ferro alloy industry are the largest uses of ferrosilicon among these applications. These three industries consume about 90% of ferrosilicon. For example, about 3-5 kg of ferrosilicon 75 is consumed for every 1 ton of steel produced in the steel making industry. At present, the 75% ferrosilicon is the most widely applications among the various grades of ferrosilicon.