What is Magnesium Metal

1. Magnesium is one of the most abundant light metal elements on the earth. The density of magnesium is 1.74, which is only 2/3 of aluminum, 2/5 of titanium, and 1/4 of steel.

2. Magnesium has specific strength, high specific rigidity, good thermal conductivity, and good electromagnetic shielding, damping, vibration damping, cutting workability, low processing cost and easy recycling.

3. The specific strength of magnesium alloy is higher than that of aluminum alloy and steel, and slightly lower than the fiber reinforced plastic with the highest specific strength; the specific stiffness is equivalent to that of aluminum alloy and steel, which is much higher than that of fiber reinforced plastic; the wear resistance is better than low carbon steel Many, has exceeded the die-cast aluminum alloy A380.

4. Magnesium is widely distributed in nature and has abundant resources. The main sources of magnesium are magnesium chloride and carnallite in seawater, salt lake brine, and magnesite and dolomite in the form of carbonates.

5. The production methods of metal magnesium include molten salt electrolytic method and thermal reduction method.

6. Molten salt electrolytic magnesium smelting includes two major steps: the production of magnesium oxide and the electrolytic production of magnesium.

7. Magnesium has good casting properties and good processability.

8. Magnesium applications are mainly concentrated in the three major fields of aluminum alloy production, die casting production, and steelmaking desulfurization. They are also used in rare earth alloys, metal reduction, and other fields.

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