silicon carbide micropowder

Silicon Carbide Micropowder
  • Name:Silicon Carbide Micropowder

  • Refractoriness:1770°< Refractoriness< 2250°

  • Size:From F280 to F3000

  • Shape:Powder

  • Package:Iron Drum/1t Bag/Paper Bags(20kg or 25kg)then Pallet

The industrial manufacturing method of silicon carbide is use high quality quartz sand and petroleum coke to make it in a resistance furnace, the silicon carbide can be divided for abrasives material, refractory materials, deoxidizer, electrical silicon carbide etc. The SiC content of abrasive should above 98%. According to the particle size, the products are divided into different grades, black silicon carbide has 17 grades, green silicon carbide has 21 grades sizes. Abrasive 80 and above are called abrasive particles, and abrasives 100-280 are called abrasive powders.

The silicon carbide micropowder is made by crushing the raw silicon carbide though Ravmond mill, then through air classification, SiC slurry and pickling, the pick the silicon carbide micro powder with different particle size out.

The application of the silicon carbide micropowder is for solar photovoltaic cutting,grinding and polishing,diamond wheel material etc.

Silicon Carbide Micropowder Particle Size:
Applications of Silicon Carbide Micropowder:
Abrasives tools and cutting.
Diamond wheel material.
Solar photovoltaic cutting

Specifications of Silicon Carbide Micropowder
Model Chemical Composition %
SiC Free Carbon Fe2O3
SiC 99 99.0 min 0.2 max 0.40 max
SiC 98.5 98.5 min 0.3 max 0.80 max
SiC 98 98.0 min 0.6 max 1.20 max