graphitized carbon column

  • Name: Graphitized Carbon Column

  • Package: Jumbo Bag

  • Size: 3-6mm

  • Shape: Column

  • Usage:Carbon Additive for Steelmaking or Casting

Graphite carbon refers to the carbon products which through high temperature or other methods to change the molecular structure, this molecules have a regular arrangement, with this arrangement, the molecular spacing of carbon is wider, which is more conducive to decomposition and nucleation in molten steel.

There are two types of the graphite carbon, one is natural graphite, the other is artificial graphite,the natural graphite can be divided into flake graphite and microcrystalline graphite; the main raw material of manufacturing artificial graphite is powdered high-quality calcined petroleum coke, add asphalt as a binder, and add a small amount of other auxiliary materials. After the various raw materials are mixed, they are pressed and formed, and then processed in a non-oxidizing atmosphere are 2500~3000℃ to make them graphitized, after high temperature treatment, the ash, sulfur and gas contents have all been greatly reduced.

Huatuo can supply one type of graphitized carbon column which with high fixed carbon, low sulfur and nitrogen.

The Main Advantages of Graphitized Carbon Column as Following:
Reduce costs and improve product quality.
Do not adsorb the furnace wall, completely absorbs no residue.
Low melting point, fast absorption, no anti-slag, can effectively protest and prolong furnace age, reduce furnace lining consumption.
Low sulfur content, stable and reliable, effectively safe and adverse effects of sulfur on the alloy during nodulization and inoculation and save alloy costs..

The Spcifications of Graphitized Carbon Column
Model F.C S Ash Moisture Volatile Size
Graphitized Carbon Column 90% 0.08%max 3.5%max 0.5%max 2.5%max 3-6mm
Graphitized Carbon Column 95% 0.06%max 2%max 0.5%max 1.0%max 3-6mm