ferro silicon aluminum

Ferro Silicon Aluminum
  • Name:Ferro Silicon Aluminum

  • Al: 48%,35% etc

  • Shape: Horseshoe

  • Specific Gravity: 3.5-4.2g/cm³

  • Usage: Deoxidizer

Ferro silicon aluminum is one type of composite strong deoxidizer. For many years, It always adopt the aluminum cakes or aluminum ingot added into the steel-making furnace or ladle steel directly,this is the primary aluminum, which is not only costly, but aluminum is oxidized by oxygen in the air and slag to 70%-90% which caused excessive aluminum burnout and large fluctuations in residual aluminum content in molten steel.

The use of ferro silicon aluminum alloy in steel making is more efficient than the use of pure aluminum alone as deoxidizer, the specific gravity of ferro silicon aluminum is 3.5-4.2g/cm³, which is larger than that of pure aluminum 2.7g/cm³, which makes it easier to enter the molten steel and has less internal burnout.

Deoxidizer in the steel making. Reduces inclusions in steel and has the effect of pure steel liquid to improve steel quality.
Increase component life.For the production of space vehicles and automotive parts.

Specifications of Ferro Silicon Aluminum
Model Chemical Composition (%)
Al Si Mn C P S
FeSi18Al48 48min 18min 0.4max 0.5max 0.05max 0.05max
FeSi25Al35 35min 25min 0.4max 0.5max 0.05max 0.05max