• Name: Desulfurizer

  • CaO: 60%min

  • CaF: 5-8%

  • Size: 0-5mm

  • Usage: Desulfurizer

Sulfur is one of the active non-metallic elements, is mostly present is most steel in the form of sulfides, the sulfur in the steel can reduce the processing and use properties of the steel, and can also cause hot brittleness for the steel which is not good for the mechanical properties of steel, it can reduce the welding performance of the steel.

The general grade of steel require sulfur content less than 0.03%, high quality steel require much lower sulfur content than the general grade, and the ultra-low sulfur steels require sulfur content less than 0.0005%.

The desulfurizer used in modern iron and steel production is mainly in the pretreatment desulfurization of molten iron and secondary refining of molten steel. Hot metal pretreatment desulfurization refers to the treatment process for desulfurization,desiliconization, and dephosphorization before the molten iron is fed into the steelmaking furnace.

Used desulfurizer in the molten iron can meet the requirements for smelting low-sulfur steel and ultra-low-sulfur steel, meanwhile, the desulfurization of the blast furnace molten iron is performed outside the furnace, which not only relaxes the restrictions on the sulfur content of the iron ore and coke entering the furnace, but also saves coke.

Huatuo can supply the desulfurizer with good quality, the specification as followings:
Model CaO CaF Particle Size
Desulfurizer 60%min 5%-8%     0-5mm