what is inoculant in metallurgy

Do you want to know what is inoculant in metallurgy? Let us  Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy introduce the inoculant to you. There are several different types of inoculant in metallurgy, and the general used inoculant in metallurgy from Anyang Huauto Metallurgy are ferro silicon barium inoculant and ferro silicon inoculant.


The inoculant in metallurgy is always used in the smaller furnace, so it always need the size in smaller, general size 0.3-1mm,1-3mm,3-8mm according to different inoculant ways, as for the different of ferro silicon barium inoculant and ferro silicon inoculant in metallurgy, the ferro silicon barium inoculant always contains 2% or 4% content of barium,and especially suitable for castings of large thin-wall, uneven wall thickness and thin and quenched; the ferro silicon always contains 72% or 75% content of silicon. These both types can be added into the cast iron to be the inoculant of ductile cast iron, and can prevent the form of carbon, promote the precipitation and spheroidization of graphite, improve the performance of cast iron.

The main effects of inoculant in metallurgy is as following: First is to promote graphitization and reduce the tendency of white cast. Second is to refine the grains, reduce segregation, and evenly organize. Third is to improve the mechanical strength, adjust the hardness and improve the mechanical properties. Fourth is to improve the morphology and distribution of the matrix and graphite.Fifth is to reduce the internal stress and wall thickness sensitivity of the casting.

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