silicon metal 98.5

Silicon metal can be also called industry silicon, it refers to the content of silicon not less than 98.5, according to the content of iron, aluminum and calcium, it can be divided into silicon metal 553, 441,3303,2202 etc, one of them the silicon metal 553 can also called silicon metal 98.5, the silicon content is 98.5%, iron content not more than 0.5%, aluminum content not more than 0.5% and calcium content not more than 0.3%, the silicon metal 98.5 can be divided into oxygen and no-oxygen types, the oxygen is refer to that in the process of silicon metal production passing oxygen, remove the impurities like aluminum, calcium etc, so can improve the quality of silicon metal.


The production of silicon metal is mainly the silicon metal 98.5 in China,it always be used into the metallurgy, silicon metal is usually produced by reducing silicon dioxide from carbon in an electric furnace. In the scope of global world, the consumption of silicon metal 98.5 is more than silicon metal above 98.5. The production capacity of silicon metal in China is relatively large, the output is mainly located in Guizhou, Hunan, Fujian etc, among then, metallurgical grade silicon metal 98.5 has wide distribution area, mainly in Guizhou, Hunan, Sichuan etc. 

Silicon metal 98.5 is mainly used into ferro silicon alloys and as the additive element in the steel industry,in the smelting of some types of metal it can also be used as reducing agent. It is also the good component in aluminum alloy, most cast aluminum alloys contain silicon.

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