silicon carbide applications

Silicon carbide is smelted in electric furnace with the raw materials of quartz sand and petroleum coke. Its chemical performance is stable,  thermal conductivity is high, thermal expansion coefficient is small,wear resistance performance is good, the hardness is high.It can be divided into two basic types of black silicon carbide and green silicon carbide, which both belong to the α-SiC, the black silicon carbide contains around 95% of Si, the tenacity is higher than the green silicon carbide, always be used to process the materials with low tensile strength, such as glass, ceramics, stone, refractory materials, cast iron and non-ferrous metals. The green silicon carbide contains around 97% of Si, it has good self-sharpness, always be used to process hard alloys, titanium alloys and optical glass, it can also used in the fine grinding high speed steel cutter.


Silicon carbide has the widely usage in different industry, its the new type of strong composite deoxidizer in the steel making, can also used in the abrasives and refractory material industry, the specific application of silicon carbide is as follows:

The main application of silicon carbide is to be the deoxidizer in steel making.  Silicon carbide deoxidizer is one new strong composite deoxidizer, it replaces the traditional silicon powder and carbon powder, compared with the original craft, the various physical and chemical properties are more stable, the deoxidation effect is higher, silicon carbide can cut down the time of deoxidation, can form the slag earlier, the reducing atmosphere is heavier, can save more energy, improve the efficiency of steel making and quality of steel, cut down the consumption of raw and auxiliary material, reduce the pollution to the environment, improve the working condition. It can improve the comprehensive economic benefits of electric furnace.

The other silicon carbide applications: it can be used to make the grinding wheel, grinding head, monocrystalline silicon and others as the abrasives;silicon carbide can also be used as various smelting furnace lining, high temperature furnace kiln component and others; because of its good thermal conductivity and thermal stability, it can be used as the heat exchanger, it can save the fuel and improve the productivity.

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