silicon carbide advantage

Silicon Carbide to the steel industry. Silicon carbide is a unique material which upon dissolution in BOF steel-making, acts as a fuel and provides energy which can be used to increase scrap-to-hot-metal ratio.

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide provides more energy than Ferrosilicon when equivalent silicon units are used. In comparison to coal, Silicon Carbide allows greater substitution of hot metal due to significantly lower sulfur and carbon monoxide emissions. Exothermic properties of Silicon Carbide are cost-effective for mills with hot metal shortages or temporary blast furnace outages.

Silicon carbide grain is an effective slag deoxidizer, as well as an excellent source of silicon and carbon. It’s low aluminum, sulfur and nitrogen content make it a very co-effective material to replace Ferrosilicon or Silicomanganese in steel marketing. Silicon carbide briquettes and grain are available in various sizes and shapes to meet your material handling requirements and used for steel marketing.

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