silicon and magnesium metal price

Along with the worse influence of virus, the export for the market of silicon metal continues to weaken, the quotation of silicon metal 553 is FOB 1485-1515USD/T without tax, compared with the beginning of this week reduce 15USD/T. As for the magnesium ingot, the quotation price stabilized at FOB 2080-2110 USD/T without tax which is almost same with next week. For both the silicon metal and magnesium ingot, there are few order in the export market.

The foreign customers keep pessimistic attitude for the market in future, and lack of confidence for the market so will keep small purchase, according to the prediction, because of the rarely trade and influence of virus, next week the price of silicon metal will keep stable, and the quotation for the magnesium ingot maybe reduce 10USD/T.

According to the inquire and reply from Anyang Huatuo’s customers, “almost all of them are isolation at home or work several days or work at home, and effect for the shipping, the purchase plan is delay”,on the other hand, the reply for our quotation even though the quotation is so low, the foreigner still think the price not competitive,so at this special time, let us take protective measures, and hope the export market will recover well after the epidemic.