reliable ferrosilicon supplier of Huatuo metallurgy


Ferrosilicon is a vital additive for steelmaking and casting industry. It is the alloy of iron and silicon.  Iron content from FeSi will melt into steel liquid, Silicon will react with oxygen and meanwhile, to form SiO2 and release large quantity of heat. The heat is also helpful to raise temperature of the molten iron. Ferro silicon was made from coke, steel scrap, silica. By high temperature of 1500 to 1800 degree centigrade, the deoxygenative reduction from SiO2. This is the conventional production method from most ferrosilicon supplier.

So Ferrosilicon Suppliers are mainly located near by production base of Silica, Coke and steel scraps. Also the FeSi manufacturing base must have full of energy, more specific, it is cheap and full supplied electricity. To make a general survey of whole China, the border provinces have those above essentials. There are less population and full of all kind of ores, and sufficient of energy. But we have to be aware of the other principle of the downstream market —steel factories. Steel factories will be build near the consume market in 500KM. If far than that, their logistics cost product will be too high and made their product price not competitive. So most ferro silicon suppliers comes from an area both convenient for upstream and downstream market.  Including producer and traders, there are totally about 4,000 ferrosilicon suppliers all over China. Henan province, with up to 600 plus ferrosilicon suppliers, rank the first place among more than 20 ferrosilicon supplying provinces.  Jiangsu, with similar advantage in South China, ranks the second place. But it is very close in ferro silicon supplier quantity with following Ningxia, Inner-Mongolia and Shandong. Little bit more or less, they all have about 200 suppliers.

And during the Cities, Anyang have more ferrosilicon supplier than others. There are totally about 300, which comparing the quantity, actually more ferrosilicon supplier than most provinces. It’s near material production base. Coke and Silica are full of supply. It’s near to the end buyers, with circumference of 500KM covered most big steel factories and foundry factories, more than 80% capacity of whole nation. And enjoy the cheapest general logistical cost. After developing of 30 years, local leading ferrosilicon supplier such as Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy have better efficiency to deal with all kinds of ferrosilicon products like lumps, powder, grain, briquette. It’s a trustworthy ferrosilicon supplier for all customer in China and the world.