pci coal

PCI coal(Pulverized coal injection) is one kind of solid fuel to the blast furnace, the solid fuel can be anthracite, bituminous coal and lignite, Also the fuel can be other types like liquid (heavy oil, tar) and air (natural gas, coke oven gas etc). The choice of fuel depend on the condition of fuel resources in various countries and the technology.



We China is the earliest country to develop the technology of PCI coal, in the past ten years, the technology of PCI coal for blast furnace has been widely used and developed, reduced the restrictions and impacts on steel making production from coking coal resources, investment and environment protection, the application of coal injection is very important for steel making:

1.Replacing the increasingly poor and expensive metallurgical coke with low-cost coal, reducing the coke ratio and greatly reducing the cost of blast furnace steel making.

2.It can be as the means of adjusting the condition of the blast furnace

3.PCI coal can improve the working condition of the hearth and make the blast furnace stable and move softly.

4.It can increase the wind temperature and oxygen-enriched blast to create conditions for blast furnace.

5.It can bring much hydrogen content than coke, the hydrogen can improve the reduction capacity and penetration and diffusion capacity of gas, then greatly reduce the cost of blast furnace steel making.

6.PCI coal instead of some coke , not only eases the supply and demand tension of coking coal, but also reduces the investment and construction of coking facilities, what is more, reduces the environment pollution caused by coking production.

As for the chemical composition of the PCI coal, it contains more than 80% carbon, less than 0.5% sulfur and less than 1% moisture, the content of ash is 10% to 12% and the content of volatile matter is 5% to 7%.

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