Do you want to know the nodulizer, let Anyang Hatuo Metallurgy Co.,Ltd introduce it to you. Nodulizer is an additive that promotes the crystallization of graphite in spheroidal graphite cast iron. 


In the field of cast iron casting, there are several types of the nodulizer, one is the nodulizer contains 4%,5%,5.5% magnesium content belongs to low magnesium spheroidizing agent, the content of Re is between 1%-2%, this type of nodulizer is mostly used for smelting of medium frequency furnace and spheroidizing treatment of low sulfur iron liquid, this nodulizer has the advantage of slow spheroidization reaction and the elements of spheroidization is easy absorption. The second type is the nodulizer with magnesium content 6%,7%, this is belong to middle-magnesium nodulizer, it is mostly used in cupola furnace, electric furnace double smelting or medium frequency furnace smelting pearlite type as-cast ductile iron castings.The high-magnesium series spheroidizing agent, suitable for the molten steel which in cupola melting and sulfur content of 0.06%-0.09%, the amount of addition is between 1.6%-2.0%.The low-aluminum nodulizer is suitable for the castings that are easy to produce subcutaneous stomata defects. After the purity Ce and La nodulizer treatment, the molten steel has less inclusions and the graphite ball is rounded. The nodulizer produced by cerium-based heavy rare earth is suitable for large-section castings, it can delay the spheroidal decline,and prevent bulk graphite. The nodulizer contains Sb is used for pearlitic ductile iron. The nodulizer in low silicon is suitable for foundry plants that use large amounts of recycled material.

We adopt the intermediate frequency furnace smelting the rare earth ferro silicon magnesium alloy nodulizer, the furnace charge ration is all controlled by computer, it has the following advantages:

1.Uniform chemical composition, small mass deviation, control within +/-0.2% of the target value, excellent spheroidization ability.

2.Re-Mg alloy has high purity and little oxidized slag.

3.The reaction of spheroidization is stable and the processing operation is convenient.

4.The ability of spheroidization can last for a long time, and no spheroidal recession.

5.The spheroidization reaction can produce less magnesium light and smoke adn improve the working environment at the job site.

6.The nodulizer has complete specifications and can meet the different needs of users.

If you have any question or confused of nodulizer, welcome for your consult.