high carbon ferrochrome China import market

Customs data showed that China imported a total of 264,800 tons of high-carbon ferrochrome in July, an increase of 10.8 million tons, an increase of 4.25%. The main source areas are: 87,900 tons in Mozambique, 52,100 tons in the Russian Federation, 36,000 tons in the People's Republic of China, 32,700 tons in India, 18,400 tons in Kazakhstan, 15,700 tons in South Africa and 10,000 tons in Finland. From January to July, the cumulative import of ferrochrome was 2,097,300 tons.The recent import of high-carbon ferrochrome has been stagnant, mainly due to:

1. Although China's high-carbon ferrochrome production has declined, it is still maintained at around 480,000 tons, and the domestic iron supply has a long association, so it provides guarantee for the steel mill's purchase volume.
2. The import of high-carbon ferrochrome dropped at a high level, and the low level fell to around 230,000 tons, but it is still a conventional level. Domestic coastal steel mills are increasingly diversified in importing ferrochrome channels. If there is no price attraction, coastal steel mills will not be able to receive bulk cargo orders except for the monthly supply of imported ferrochrome. Coastal steel mills have abundant scrap resources, so the cost-effectiveness of raw materials is the primary principle of procurement. Although the US dollar exchange rate has weakened in recent days, according to the foreign offer, the cash price of imported high-carbon ferrochrome is still 6400-6500 yuan / 50 base tons, while the price of the current round of southern steel mills is only 6,300 yuan, no obvious advantage.
3. Near the European fourth-quarter ferrochrome guide price, at this time, steel mills are naturally cautious about foreign price increases, especially for steel mills with abundant stocks, it is inevitable to save pressure.

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