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Ferro Silicon

The Chinese government newly ordered 28 northern cities, including some in top steel-making Hebei province, to take strong official action to stop during autumn and winter on heavy pollution that blankets the region, as homes crank up midwinter heating by drawing on the nation’s coal-fired power.

As a Ferro silicon(FeSi) and Inoculant suppliers, Huatuo metallurgy is also impacted by this policy. Anyang city is included in the lists, some local factories didn’t obey the environmental rules, their executives turned over to public security departments for criminal punishment by law. Most of the factories that had been penalized so far were in major industries, including iron and steel, coking, glass and construction, it said.

The ferrosilicon price is decreasing these days. Some ferro silicon suppliers begin to sell off the stocks at a price lower than the market price.
"Finally the Ferrosilicon Producers make a big fat profit these two months" many ferrosilicon exporters complained.