ferro phosphorus supplier

Ferro phosphorus is general used as phosphorus additive in the steelmaking and foundry,the content of P is generally from 20%~26%, the content of Si is from 0.1% to 6%, for the exporting always require the content of P more than 24%. Based on different element content, the ferro phosphorus supplier always divide it into several different types such as low titanium (content of titanium 0.5%max),high phosphorus-low titanium-low manganese (content of phosphorus 26%, titanium 0.5%max, manganese 0.5%max) etc.

The supplier of ferro phosphorus always use the apatite as the raw material to produce the ferro phosphorus. The phosphate resources are extremely rich in China,almost all provinces in China have distribution. The apatite is a very widely distributed mineral, about 96% of the phosphorus in the earth’s crust is in the apatite.

 The ferro phosphorus supplier in China is always produced by the production of ferro phosphorus and the phosphorus as a by-product, there is also one other way to product the ferro phosphorus, which is opposite with the production way from the supplier in China. Because of the consumption is not large to produce the ferro phosphorus, so the supplier in China generally adopts small and medium-size electric furnaces, usually using graphite electrodes or carbon electrodes.

Phosphorus is a harmful impurity to most steel types,but the ferro phosphorus supplier knows that add it into some steel types can improve its corrosion resistance.  

When you using a steel plate containing phosphorus, you will find that it can prevent the steel sheet from sticking; when produce the rolls, adding proper amount of phosphorus can improve the fluidity and avoid cracks on the surface. At present, most of the ferro phosphorus is used in the foundry industry, it can improve the fluidity of cast iron, when producing high-phosphorus wear-resistant cast iron, it will form a uniform binary phosphorus eutectic structure in the foundry, due to the high hardness of the phosphorus eutectic, so the truck brake always contain 0.7%~1% phosphorus, which can improve its wear resistance.

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