ferro phosphorus applications

The general ferro phosphorus applications is main in steel making and foundry, In the steel making, the ferro phosphorus is always used as the additive of phosphorus, to most types of the steels, the phosphorus is the harmful impurities, but add it into some types of steel, it can improve the resistance of corrosion. When using a phosphorus-containing steel sheet, can prevent to generate adhesion phenomenon. When producing rolls, adding 0.4% to 0.5% of phosphorus can improve the fluidity and avoid cracks on the surface. When producing wear-resistant cast iron in high-phosphorus, the phosphorus will form the uniform binary phosphorus eutectic structure in the casting, and appear net distribution. Because of the hardness is higher for the phosphorus eutectic, so it contains 0.7% to 1% phosphorus in the brake block of the truck, it can improve the wear-resistant. What is more, the phosphorus can also improve and change the cutting performance of steel.



The applications of ferro phosphorus to foundry can improve the fluidity of cast iron and thus can improve the quality of castings. Currently, most of the ferro phosphorus is used in the foundry industry.

There are two ways to produce the ferro phosphorus, one is mainly producing ferro phosphorus, phosphorus as a by-product, the other is mainly producing yellow phosphorus, and ferro phosphorus as a by-product, the production of ferro phosphorus is in the first way in China.

The main raw material containing phosphorus is apatite, there is rich source of the phosphate in China, almost all provinces in the country have distribution. In an electric furnace, in the presence of iron, with coke to reduce the phosphorus pentoxide in the apatite, then will obtain the phosphorus and ferro phosphorus at the same time. In order to make the smelting process going smoothly, the consist of charging except the apatite, coke and steel scrap, also need to add appropriate amount of silica. The smelting is adopt a closed ore furnace with the equipment of recycling phosphorus and making phosphoric acid. Because the consumption of ferro phosphorus is not large, so general use the small and medium size electric furnaces.  

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