electrolytic manganese metal price

Electrolytic manganese metal is the element metal which use the manganese ore through acid leached to obtain manganese salt, and then send to the electrolytic cell to resolve. It is looks like iron in irregular flakes and the quality is firm and brittle, one side is bright and other side is rough, the color is silvery white or brown, and will be silver gray after processing it into powder.

Manganese metal is mainly extracted by thermal method(fire method) and electrolysis method (wet method), the purity of the manganese metal will not reach 95%~98% with the thermal method, but the purity can reach to or above 99.7~99.9% with the electrolysis method. Now the electrolysis method has been the main way to produce the manganese metal,so the manganese metal always called electrolytic manganese metal. 

The electrolytic manganese metal price is mainly affected by supply, demand, electricity and raw materials. Because of the electrolytic manganese producers are generally concentrated in the south of China,it is usually powered by water, so the wet season and the dry season have a big impact on the electricity, this also closely related to the production of electrolytic manganese metal. Generally, the rain is sufficient from April to October every year, the power situation is good,, and the production of electrolytic manganese is relatively normal. In other months, due to the reducing of rainfall, the powder is tight and the factory output will be reduced accordingly. Now,in the terms of factory production, except for manganese plants in Guizhou and Hubei was stopped in July, and manganese plants in other regions is produced normally, therefore, China’s domestic electrolytic manganese production will decline in July. At current Chongqing area is the coverage area of the environmental protection, and the specific environmental inspection is still the market focus at present.

From July 15 to July 19, 2019, the market of electrolytic manganese metal continues to run weakly. As of July 19, the spot quotation of mainstream areas of the domestic manganese triangle was slightly reduced by 50-100 RMB/T from last week. Most of the southern regions were around 13,000RMB/T (cash EXW), and many of the small factory will talk price low than 13,000RMB/T.

On the export side, the exporter said that the transaction price of electrolytic manganese metal from July 15 to July 19 was around USD1935/T, which was lowered by 15USD/T than last weeks export price, although the exporter’s psychological transaction price was at 1950USD-1960USD/T, but in the case of small number of enquire, they will reduce little profit and deal in lower price.

Finally, as the predict of Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co.,Ltd, the market price of electrolytic manganese metal will be stable and weak in short-term, but it is still necessary to wait and see the actual supply and demand situation, if you have any confused, just leaving us the message or sending emails.