carbon additive

The main component of the carbon additive is carbon. It is the common used additive in iron and steel industry.Carbon additive can supplement the carbon content of molten iron and steel for the losing in melting process to reach the required value. The common used are metallurgical coke, calcined coal, petroleum coke, graphitization, natural graphite and etc.

Now there are two new types of carbon additive graphite ball and pulverized coal powder, the details as following:

Graphite Ball,It is made of shattered graphite ore, by dosing, grinding, extrusion, drying and a series industrial process, then being a globular structure which has a certain intensity,it is an environmentally friendly smelting carbon-increasing product and a high-quality material for carbonation in the metallurgical industry.

Model No. C S H2O
C-70 70%min 0.1-0.3% 2.0%max
C-75 75%min 0.1-0.3% 2.0%max
C-80 80%min 0.1-0.3% 2.0%max

1. Compared with pig iron: the price of pig iron is high and the content of sulfur is high, the content of silicon is high, and the absorption rate is low. The graphite briquette recarburizer is stable in carbon, low in sulfur, low in phosphorus, easy to melt and easy to absorb, and the effect of carbon increase is three of pig iron. More than double.

2. Compared with graphite powder: Because graphite powder is in the state of fine powder, and the quality is light, it is easy to fly when it is put into use, and it floats on the surface and is not easy to dissolve. It can not be fully absorbed and seriously pollutes the environment. The use of graphite carbon balls avoids the above disadvantages. 

3.compared with the graphite electrode: the use of graphite electrodes to increase carbon, the cost is expensive, and the use of graphite carbon balls is not much different.

Pulverized Coal Powder,it is a new spray metallurgy technology for recarburizer, mainly used in electric arc furnaces. This method can strengthen smelting, shorten metallurgical reaction time, change the traditional electric arc furnace steelmaking process, and improve the operating strength.

Reasonable application of PCI Powder can improve the performance of steel. When smelting steel, carbon is smelted in a vacuum induction furnace and functions in a vacuum induction furnace.

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