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Calcium silicon alloy is a composite alloy composed of elemental silicon, calcium and ferro. It is often used as deoxidizer and desulfurizer in steel making. The silicon and calcium in calcium silicon alloy have a high affinity with oxygen,and the calcium also has a high affinity with sulfur, deoxidation and desulfurization products (SiO2,CaO,CaS) are easily to float and removed, then improve the properties,plasticity and impact toughness of steel, therefore, silicon calcium alloy is an ideal composite deoxidizer.At present, calcium silicon alloy can replace aluminum for final deoxidation, and it widely used in the production of high-quality steel, special steel and special alloys, such as rail steel, low-carbon steel,stainless steel and nickel-based alloy.Calcium silicon alloy is also an effective warming agent,adding silicon calcium alloy powder to the head of the steel ingot as a heat generating agent and a heat insulating agent can improve the quality and the finished product rate of the steel.


In the production of cast iron, calcium silicon alloy is used as deoxidizer, desulfurizer and inoculant. Calcium silicon alloy can improve the performance of cast iron more effectively than ferro silicon,It can deoxidize, desulfurize and increase content of silicon in cast iron, and it is an effective inoculant that promotes the formation of spheroidal graphite.

At Present, calcium silicon manufacturer mainly in Beijing,Shanxi, Hanzhong,Ningxia,Henan and others manufacturers, most of them use small electric furnace below 1000KVA to produce by mixed feeding method.The mixed feeding method is add the silica,lime and coke together into a reduction electric furnace, with carbon to reduce both of the CaO and SiO2 to obtain the calcium silicon alloy,following are the genral types describe from calcium silicon manufacturer:

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