barium silicon alloy

Barium silicon alloy is one type of ferroalloy with high activity, is widely used in steel making, steel casting and foundry industry, its one type of inoculant with long lasting and high efficiency, at the same time have the effect to desulfurate and dephosphorize, especially suitable for the large thin-wall casting, uneven wall thickness casting and thin small quench casting, can improve the quality of castings.


For foundry:

1. Barium silicon alloy is one type of inoculant which can be suitable for grey iron and ductile iron, it can improve the morphology and distribution of the matrix and graphite, and can promote ‘A”-type graphite to be whole graphite ball.

2.Barium silicon alloy can be nucleation in wider temperature range,owe strong nodulizing and recession-resistant ability, can prevent the tendency of castings cutting whiten efficiently .

3. Deoxy effectiveness will be more thorough than other deoxy ferroalloy, and the quantity adding into is 35%-55% of 75#FeSi Alloy. 

4. The barium silicon alloy which contains 20%-30% barium can obviously reduce the white mouth tendency of cast iron, and can increase the time of maintaining the inoculation effect to about 30 minutes. It is especially suitable for large castings. When processing, the alloy addition amount is about 0.1%.

For steelmaking:

1.Barium silicon alloy with 10%-35% barium using in steel making is much better to deoxidize than silicon calcium alloy for its high-usage and strong ability of desulfuration.

2. Adding the barium silicon alloy can make important change of nonmetallic inclusion’s nature and distribution in steel.

3.Adding a certain amount barium silicon alloy into steel can improve the plasticity and tenacity of steel under high and low temperature, it will be the most effective ferroalloy to improve the cold resistance of steel.

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