SiMn alloy

SiMn alloy is one type of alloy in consist of manganese, silicon and iron,which sometimes called ferro silicon manganese, and mainly silicon manganese alloy contains smaller proportion of minor elements, such as carbon, phosphorous and sulfur.It is the common use composite deoxidizer in steel making, can also be the reductant to produce the manganese metal in electro-silicothermic process dealing with low carbon manganese ferro, the common brand: FeMn68Si18 FeMn65Si17 FeMn60Si14.


SiMn alloy is produced by reducing manganese ore (including manganese-rich slag) manganese oxide and silica at the same time with carbon in submerged arc furnace. To produce the silicon manganese can use one type of manganese ore or mixed ore in several types of manganese ore.Because the silicon manganese alloy need lower content of Fe and P than high carbon manganese metal, so request the manganese ore contain much higher manganese-iron ratio and manganese-phosphorus ratio. The content of manganese higher in manganese ore the better its various indexes.

The SiMn alloy has important usage in the steel making, firstly, silicon and manganese are the main alloy elements in carbon steel, adding the silicon and manganese in the steel can enhance the intensity and structure intensity of steel. Secondly, the silicon manganese alloy can also be the deoxidizer in the steel making. Along with the development of Chinese economic, and continued development of auto, road, architecture, real estate, the request for steel is still increased, so the request for manganese silicon alloy will also increase.

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