Ferrosilicon Exporter

According to China Customs data, the ferrosilicon exporter in China exported a volume of China's ferrosilicon in May 2019 was 39,009.937 tons (about 39,000 tons, of silicon content above 55%, the amount of ferrosilicon exporters sold abroad was 36,470.087 tons, which was 299.753 tons less than that in April; While silicon content less than of 55% of ferrosilicon is 2,629.85 tons, which is 764.716 tons less than that in April. It is 1064.469 tons less than the export volume in April, which is 27,700 tons less than the 66,100 tons in the same period last year. The total export volume from January to May 2019 was 206,500 tons, a decrease of 582,000 tons compared with the same period in 2018. The market get harder for ferrosilicon exporters.
In the downstream market, due to the arrival of the off-season demand, the demand for the terminal in the magnesium market was sluggish, the traders did not take orders, and the factory prices continued to decline. The monthly decline was 1,000 yuan/ton. Under the falling market, the market turnover was sluggish and the market waited for a long time. At the end of the month, due to the price drop too fast, some factories began to price, the market price fell to 15,500 yuan / ton, the cash factory gradually stabilized, and some factories have maintenance plans in July.
Steel mills: Factors such as the slowdown in the China-US trade war and the contraction of the supply end of environmental protection and production restrictions have spurred the steel market to work hard, but the low-season expectations of the demand side have always existed, and the market has always worried about the contradiction between supply and demand.
Export data has not performed satisfactorily in recent months. On the one hand, the demand in the international market is sluggish and demand is decreasing. On the other hand, external competition is fierce, mainly from Russia and Malaysia. It is understood that Russia's and Malaysia’s current 75#CIF Taiwan(province of China) price are all under 1,100 US dollars / ton, which in future still be a threat to Chinese ferrosilicon exporters.

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