FeSiMg nodulizer


As one of general kind of nodulizer/spheroidizing agent, Rare earth ferrosilicon magnesium alloys are used to produce all types of ductile cast iron. It is added to the molten iron for producing a structure containing graphite in nodular or spheroidal form. This form minimizes the embrittlement effect of graphite on the metal matrix with the result of producing cast iron with better machinability, +toughness, and tensile properties. Ferrosilicon magnesium consists mainly of magnesium silicides combined with the silicides of iron, calcium and rare earth metals. The silico thermic process is one of the most attractive techniques for producing Re-FeSiMg alloy. This is attributed to much lower working temperature compared with carbothermic process. Also, it is of much lower cost compared with the alumino-thermic process. The oldest trials to reduce magnesium oxide with silicon were carried out by Kubaschewski and Evans and Misra et al. Their results showed a low recovery of magnesium under working conditions. They attributed this phenomenon to the formation of magnesium orthosilicate. Misra et al. have also found that silico thermic reduction of pure magnesium oxide results in a poor magnesium recovery, due to the fact that a part of the magnesium oxide combines with the silica. Recovery of magnesium can be improved by carrying out the reduction of magnesium oxide in the presence of a metallic oxide that can form silicates more stable than magnesium orthosilicate.

In the ductile cast iron field, nodulizer with Magnesium 4%, 5%, 5.5% belong to Low-Mg nodulizer, with Rare content between 1%-2%, most used in Middle-frequency melting and nodularizing treatment of low sulfur iron liquid. Magnesium content between 6%-7% belong to Medium-Mg nodulizer, applicated in cupola, electric furnace, with a wide range of application.

Good nodulizer Re-FeSiMg we Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co., Ltd. can provide are with Magnesium content 7-9%, adjustable Rare content for customers’ different demand. There are three bestselling types of Re-FeSiMg for your choice, FeSiMg8Re3, FeSiMg8Re5, FeSiMg8Re7.

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