Cored Wire Price

Affected by coronavirus, this year the cored wire factories resumed production much slower than the previous years after the Spring Festival. As of the end of February, there were only less than 30 companies that actually started construction in China, a sharp drop from January. Production in February is expected to be between 6,000 and 7,000 tons. The data comes from industry associations.
In terms of export prices, this week, the market price of cored wire exports remained stable. The export price of the calcium-silica cored wire (ca30si60∮13mm) is US $ 1400-1470 / ton, and the calcium-silicon wire (ca28si55∮13mm) is US $ 1380-1450 / ton; (min∮9mm) is 1550-1620 USD / ton. (FOB price, Tianjin Port).

As a professional cored wire supplier, Huatuo Metallurgy updated our cored wire price this week:
The mainstream Transaction price of Solid Calcium Wire (Ca96% min) is 10200-11,000 yuan / ton, and the price of Metal Calcium Wire is 11400-11800 yuan / ton (factory price including tax acceptance). The price of Huatuo Metallurgy Ferrous Titanium Cored Wire (FeTi30min∮13mm) is 11000-11200 yuan / ton; Ferro Calcium Wire (FeCa30min∮13mm) is 7600-8100 yuan / ton; Carbon Cored Wire (C≥96% ∮13mm) is 5200 -5600 yuan / ton. The mainstream transaction price of Calcium Silicon Cored Wire (Ca28Si55) is 9500-10500 yuan / ton, and the price of Nodulizer Cored Wire (Si40Mg28-30Re2) is 10300-10800 yuan / ton (factory tax acceptance);
What about future prices? As an original cored wire factory in China, we predict that as nearly half of the cored wire will be started this week. Most of the factories opened will be part of the production. The enterprises that have not started said that they plan to resume work in early March. Logistics transportation is unhindered in most areas, and manufacturers are taking more goods. The price of raw cold-rolled strip is relatively stable, and manufacturers' purchases are normal. The price of silicon-calcium alloy is stronger than that of the previous year, so the price of silicon-calcium cored wire is increased by 200 yuan / ton; seamless metal calcium wire and solid pure calcium wire continue to stay high due to the high raw material prices; The prices of ferrosilicon and metal magnesium at the end of the line dropped this week, which has little effect on the nodulizing agent cored wire. It is understood that in March, the cored wire is expected to resume full production, downstream procurement is gradually restored, the market is gradually on track, and the main factor affecting its price is still raw material core powder.