what should you do when using recarburizer for casting

Some casting factory always send message to consult the use of recarburizer always fails to achieve the desired result in the casting process. There are some questions in using recarburizer to make the effect not obvious. Therefore, Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy will give you some advice in using recarburizer for casting.


According to the casting furnace to select recarburizer.
The recarburizing agent is necessary for smelting material during the casting process. Therefore, the recarburizer needs to be carefully selected and it is suitable for the furnace used in casting should be purchased to achieve good results.

Recarburizer content should meet the requirements for use.
When casting factory purchase recarburizer, you should first confirm the content requirement. It is not blind to purchase recarburizer when purchasing. However, the low sulfur and low nitrogen additive should be selected to reduce the harmful substance content to ensure the quality of the casting.

Graphitized recarburizer has good casting effect.
It is an ideal ferro alloy product for casting industry to the graphitized recarburizer. The graphitized recarburizer can increase the absorption rate of the internal elements of the casting and improve the quality of the molten iron.

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