what is silicon slag Where is the use of silicon slag

Silicon slag is a by-product produced by manufacturers in the process of producing metallurgical materials such as metal silicon. Silicon slag can be roughly divided into industrial silicon slag, silicon slag ball, solar silicon slag, metal silicon slag, and semiconductor silicon slag.

The silicon slag 60 manufacturers have a low content of silicon containing 60% of the factory price, and the main purpose is to use it as a deoxidizer in the steel making process of steelmaking manufacturers. Compared with ordinary ferroalloy products, silicon slag 60 has inherent advantages. Its low ex-factory price is good, and it can be effectively replaced by manufacturers to replace relatively expensive products such as ferrosilicon and metal silicon. It can effectively reduce the production cost of the factory and reduce the deoxidation time to improve the steelmaking efficiency. When using silicon slag 60 in steelmaking, the furnace temperature can be increased and the recovery rate of steelmaking can be increased.

The content of silicon silicon in silicon slag 50 is about 50%. The ex-factory price of silicon slag 50 manufacturers is economical compared to other traditional ferroalloy products. It can be used in many industries such as deoxidation, casting, steel making, etc., and silicon slag is used in the process of production. It can effectively reduce the production cost and make the resource recycling and use, so that the deoxidation time is greatly shortened and the efficiency of steel making is improved.

The silicon slag 40 is the remaining part of the ore mine with a silicon content of 40% after being refined by the iron alloy manufacturer. The silicon slag 40 is an important metallurgical material used in the purification and recrystallization of the furnace, and the silicon slag 40 manufacturer often reclaims the silicon slag 40 into the pig iron. Ordinary casting, silicon slag is cheap, but it can improve the furnace temperature and increase the fluidity of molten iron. It is a good metallurgical material.

There are many manufacturers of silicon slag, and the products of silicon slag in the ferroalloy market are also dazzling. For manufacturers who purchase metallurgical materials, it is the ultimate goal to find a manufacturer with low price and good quality.

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Silicon slag: Si: 30%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 65%

Particle size: 0-3mm, 0-12mm, 10-100mm or custom granularity


Packing: jumbo bags