what are the methods for smelting ferro alloys

Ferro alloy is a metallurgical material that is placed in the smelting process in order to achieve certain properties of the material during smelting. Ferroalloy covers a wide range of industries including the wear-resistant consumables industry, steel making industry and casting iron industry etc. Then how the ferro alloy produce. It is complex for ferroalloy smelting production methods, so we need professional ferro alloy manufacturers. Today we will learn the methods of smelting iron alloys.


Method 1 Using blast furnace
The method of blast furnace smelting is a relatively primitive and traditional for production iron alloys. The blast furnace smelting method has the advantages of high output and low cost production. The coke is usually used as fuel when smelting ferro alloy.

Method 2 Using an electric arc furnace
The electric arc furnace is mainly used to produce ferro alloy products such as reducing agents. And using high voltage heating to making metallurgical materials fully chemically react to produce ferro alloy products. The advantages of electric arc furnace smelting have fast heating, high temperature and saving ferro alloy smelting time. However, electric arc furnace uses electric energy with getting higher and higher price. So the manufacturer using electric arc furnace production are generally distributed in areas where the price of electricity is slightly cheaper in Inner Mongolia.

Method 3 Using an external furnace
The furnace for smelting ferro alloys are mostly used in batch furnace. The production method is intermittent. In addition, the ferro alloy produced by the smelting method is generally a high-melting iron alloy with low carbon content.

Method 4 Using vacuum resistance furnace
Compared with external furnace smelting method, the vacuum resistance furnace method is intermittent but the vacuum resistance furnace method is carried smelting in a vacuum environment. The furnace is heating while pumping and the smelting is carried out in a vacuum solid state at about 1300℃; the pressure is generally 700-900Pa in the furnace. After smelting, the alloy is taken out from the end of the horizontal cylindrical resistance furnace.

Through our introduction smelting methods of ferro alloy, hope can help you know the production of ferro alloy. As long as you understand the knowledge of ferro alloy, you can be better use various ferro alloys products. If you need to purchase ferro alloy products and problems encountered when using ferro alloys, please contact and consult Huatuo Metallurgy, we will be happy to help you!