the use of micro silica in concrete construction

The use of micro silica in concrete construction industry as blending agent is an area in which the use of silicon powder at home and abroad is early, most successful and the most wide application. Due to silica fume with fine particle size, large specific surface area and high pozzolanic activity, the micro silica fume can be used as an additive to prepare high-strength concrete. The silica fume application in concrete construction can improve the performance of concrete in many aspects as following:

1.Improve the early strength and final strength of concrete
   Foreign studies have shown that when the substitution rate of micro silica fume to cement is less than 30%, the steaming temperature is 80℃, and the compressive strength of mortar is twice that of non-micro silica fume (100 MPa), almost three times(150MPa). Canadian studies have shown that micro silica fume is used in combination with superplasticizer, the compressive strength of concrete is 3 to 5 times that of non-silicon doping. The effect of micro silica in concrete construction can enhance the effect of activity and particles with increasing the amount of micro silica gradually.


2.Increase the density
Adding silica fume into the concrete can increase the silicon content of the reaction. Under the electron micro scope, crystal growth occurs in the voids of the cement stone mixed with micro silica concrete. Moreover, the micro silica fume powder particles are fine, uniformly filling the concrete micro-pores, reducing the micro empty volume, thereby it can enhance the compactness of concrete.

3.Improve concrete segregation and bleeding performance
The more the micro silica is mixed, the more difficult it is for the concrete material to segregate and bleed. When the substitution rate reaches 15%, the concrete slump doesn’t produce segregation and bleeding even if it reaches 15-20cm; when the substitution rate reaches 20-30%, the concrete is not easily separated into tap water.

4.Improve the impermeability, chemical resistance and specific resistance of concrete
Adding micro silica can improve the compactness of the concrete and greatly reduces the voids of the cement stone, therefore, it can improve the impermeability of the concrete. In addition, due to the high specific resistance of concrete can be increased by 1.9-1.6times, which is beneficial to protect steel bars and embedded parts.

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