the role of molybdenum in high manganese steel

Molybdenum has a very important role in high manganese steel casting production:



1.The molybdenum can effectively inhibit the aggregation of the carbonaceous bodies between 450-600 ° C, resulting in a very  small size dispersion in austenite, strengthen the austenite tissue, so that increase in strength and hardness, reinforced shape of high manganese steel, thus improving anti-wear capacity.

2.The molybdenum can effectively inhibit the precipitation of carbide during high manganese steel cooling. Chromium in high manganese steel makes the grain boundary carbide precipitation, the combination of molybdenum and chromium in high manganese steel, can make the advantageous role of the two alloy elements simultaneously.

3.Molybdenum and nickel have similar effects in inhibiting the precipitated needle carbide, after high manganese steel molybdenum, the needle carbide is shortened, the number is significantly reduced, the precipitation temperature is improved, which can increase the embrittlement temperature of the casting. 350 ° C. Thus, molybdenum high manganese steel is mainly used in thick-walled castings, and is also applicable to parts operating at higher temperatures (<350 ° C).

When molybdenum is condensed in austenite manganese steel, the part is solid in austenite and partially distributed in carbide. Molybdenum can improve the tendency of the austenite along the development of branches, and can improve the stability of the austenite. Molybdenum can inhibit carbonation and precipitate and promote the formation of pearlite. Therefore, the addition of molybdenum has a good effect on improving the cracking ability and water-ferrous mass of large section castings, and prevents both brittleness when the welding, cutting or temperature is higher than 275 degrees Celsius. Simultaneous molybdenum is significantly improved, and the toughness is not reduced, and even improved. The content of molybdenum in steel is generally less than 2%.

In summary, molybdenum is a useful element of high manganese, practice has proven that high manganese steel containing moral mens is good in abrasive abrasive abrasion conditions.Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co., Ltd can supply various type of raw materials for iron cast, such as ferro molybdenum, recarburizer, sulfur additive, phosphorus additive, etc, so if any requirement about materials or production, we will be glad to share the experience.