the reasons for affecting absorption rate recarburizer

The main application of the recarburizer is to increase carbon in steel making and casting. In practical application, in the process of using the recarburizer, it can achieve the purpose of saving cost and improving the efficiency of the steel or foundry manufacturer. Therefore, the reasons for the absorption rate of the recarburizer is a very worthwhile this to analyze!


From the view of kinetics and thermodynamics, the oxidizing properties of molten iron are related to the equilibrium temperature of the C-Si-O system, that is to say, O, C and Si in the molten iron react with iron alloy, and the equilibrium temperature changes with the target C and Si contents. When the molten iron is above the equilibrium temperature, carbon oxidation occurs preferentially, and C and O generate CO and CO2, so the carbon oxidation loss will increase in the molten iron. Therefore, when the equilibrium temperature is above, the absorption rate of the recarburizer is lowered. When the carbonization temperature is below the equilibrium temperature, the saturated solubility of carbon is lowered because the temperature is lower. And the dissolution and diffusion rate of carbon is decreased, so the yield is also low. When the carbonization temperature is at the equilibrium temperature, the absorption rate of the recarburizer is the highest.

Stirring is conducive to the dissolution and diffusion of carbon, preventing the carbonation agent from floating on the surface of the molten iron. Before the recarburizer is not completely dissolved, the stirring time is long, the absorption rate is high and the stirring can also reduce the carbonation and holding time, shorten the production cycle and avoid burning of the alloying elements in the molten iron. However, the stirring time is too long, which not only has a great influence on the selection life of the furnace, but also the stirring will aggravate the carbon loss in the molten iron after the carbon additive is dissolved. Therefore, the proper stirring time of the molten iron should ensure that the recarburizing agent is completely dissolved.

When the initial carbon content is high in the molten iron. Under a certain solubility limit, the absorption rate of the recarburizer is slow, the absorption amount is small, the burning loss is relatively large and the absorption rate is low. In addition, silicon and sulfur in the iron solution hinder the absorption of carbon and reduce the absorption rate of the recarburizer; while teh manganese element contributes to the absorption of carbon and the absorption rate of the iterative recarburizer is updated. In terms of the influence degree, the maximum is silicon, manganese is the second, the carbon and sulfur is the smallest. Therefore, manganese should be added first, then adding carbon the last is silicon in the actual production process.

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