the reason why ferro silicon will be powdered

Ferro silicon alloy is composed of iron and silicon, and is widely applied in the smelting industry. In the steel industry, ferro silicon is used as deoxidizer and alloying agent; in the casting industry, ferrosilicon is used as an inoculant and spheroidizing agent as well as a reducing agent in the production of ferroalloys. But we need attention some phenomena like the pulverization of ferrosilicon etc. Today, Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy will tell you the reason why ferro silicon will powder.

Then what is ferro silicon powder? During the stroage of ferro silicon, the humidity of the air is too large, or the occurrence of water etc., the content of aluminum, calcium and phosphorus is high and the phenomenon of pulverization may occur after a period of time. The phenomenon of pulverization may cause ferrosilicon to produce odor with toxic that is serious. What is important, it will cause burning. This is the pulverization of ferrosilicon.

Improper content of aluminum, phosphorus and calcium in ferrosilicon will contribute to the pulverization. When the aluminum and phosphorus contents are simultaneously increased to a certain value, the ferrosilicon is liable to be pulverized in a humid air. Some data indicate that the phosphorus content in ferrosilicon is less than 0.04% and the  aluminum content is less than 3%, which is not easy to cause pulverization phenomenon.

The low silicon content is often easy to pulverization for ferrosilicon. It is possible that the temperature of the silicon and iron compounds such as FeSi and FeSi2 in the ferrosilicon decreases and the volume expands causing the ferrosilicon to be powdered. The ferrosilicon with high aluminum content is easy to form aluminum hydroxide with generating gas when it is in contact with water, which is the main reason for powder of ferrosilicon. After casting, the cooling rate of ferrosilicon is related to the degree of segregation of silicon. The fast cooling rate represents that the degree of segregation is relatively small. And the degree of segregation is relatively easy to cause pulverization. If the cooling rate is slow, the degree of segregation is relatively large. This is related to the thickness of ferrosilicon.

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