the quality silicon briquette60 manufacturer

Silicon briquette 60 is a new kind of deoxidizer, called “the trend instead of ferro silicon in the future” by many ferroalloy manufacturers. Compared with ferro silicon, deoxidize short time, save energy, improve the efficiency of steelmaking, reduce consumption of raw material and the environment pollution as well as improve the working conditions.


Silicon briquette 60 is a new kind of deoxidizer produced by Huatuo Metallurgy manufacturer. Because silicon briquette60 is mainly used to meet the industry manufacturers’ demand in reducing costs and improving the economic benefit. Silicon briquette 60 is made with silicon powder through the briquette machine repression. Usually, it replaces the ferro silicon by steel factories and casting factories in the production process.

With over ten decade experience in metallurgy materials production, Huatuo metallurgy is a reliable silicon briquette 60 manufacturer. Silicon briquette 60 is one of the most popular ferroalloy for customers. While, silicon briquette60 with even granularity, accurate mixing, low price, good deoxidation effect, is favored by many customers. The size of silicon briquette 60 is between 20-50mm best choice from Huatuo Metallurgy is mainly applied in steel slag refining pig iron and ordinary casting.