the main applications of silicon slag


Silicon slag is familiar with by many people in the industry. Huatuo metallurgy has engaged in the production and sales of silicon slag for many years. So we have abundant experience in production on silicon slag. Today, we will enjoy the main applications of silicon slag in industry and steel making production line as well as iron casting.

First, it is well known that silicon slag is the remainder after raw ore by extracted, and contains a certain amount of silicon elements. While silicon slag has many classifications. Usually, we can divided into industrial silicon slag, solar silicon slag and semiconductor silicon slag and so on.

What is important, silicon slag can be recycled to crystallization and purification so as to realize the silicon materials reuse which makes the silicon slag fully used. Moreover, the silicon slag has much higher use value. There is a variety of  technology methods to extract silicon from silicon slag.

If you want to extract certain industrial silicon from silicon slag: First step, we need to separate the obvious light color silicon slag and dark silicon slag with hand hammer; then further separation with selected principle in order to improve the silicon content in the silicon slag; Second step, we need to smelting separation with a chemical reaction, which is mainly to separate the melt impurities in silicon.
Generally, silicon slag contains at least 15% elemental silicon components. During further extraction and separation of silicon slag, we can get certain elemental silicon. Thus it not only saves the waste of silicon but also reduce the spending in a certain extent. Industrial silicon slag has broad applications in the purpose of the metallurgical industry.