the main application of silicon slag

The silicon slag is familiar to many people in the industry. It has been engaged in the production and sale of silicon slag for many years, and there is a certain understanding of the silicon slag.

First of all, we know that silicon slag is the remainder of the ore, and it also contains a certain amount of silicon. The classification of silicon slag is also more, generally we can be divided into industrial silicon slag, solar silicon slag, semiconductor silicon slag and so on.

The important thing is that the silicon slag can be re-crystallized and purified again, so that the silicon slag can be fully used, and its own use value is also relatively high. There are also many methods for extracting silicon from silicon slag. In order to extract certain industrial silicon from silicon slag, the first step is to separate the obvious light-colored silicon slag from the dark silicon slag by manual hammer, and then to further separate the silicon from the silicon slag by the principle of neutralization, so as to increase the content of silicon in the silicon slag. The second part needs chemical reaction to separate the impurities in melt silicon.


Generally, the silicon slag contains at least 15% of the elemental silicon component. Further extraction and separation of the silicon slag can result in a certain amount of silicon, thus saving the waste of silicon and reducing the expenditure to a certain extent. Industrial silicon slag is also widely used in metallurgical industry.