the introduction and application of silicon carbide

What is Silicon Carbide?

As is known to all, we know about the composition and generating ways to silicon carbide. The silicon carbide can be divided into green silicon carbide and black silicon carbide. Black silicon carbide is made from raw material of quartz sand, silica, and petroleum coke, through high temperature electric resistance furnace smelting; and the hardness is between the diamond and corundum. While, the green silicon carbide is made from petroleum coke, high quality silica adding salt as additive, through high temperature electric resistance furnace smelting.

black-silicon-carbide-application Black Silicon Carbide
green-silicon-carbideGreen Silicon Carbide
What are the Main Applications of Silicon Carbide?

First, silicon carbide in chemical uses. Because silicon carbide can have reaction with oxygen and metal oxide in the molten steel to generate carbon monoxide and slag containing silicon. Usually, silicon carbide can be used for cleaning agent and deoxidizer in smelting steel process. Generally, steel factory use low purity silicon carbide as deoxidizer in smelting steel to reduce the cost.

Second, the silicon carbide can be used as abrasive. As a result, silicon carbide has higher hardness and a certain toughness, it is used in the manufacture of consolidation and abrasive tool as well as grinding wheel, abrasive paper, abrasive belt, abrasive stone and grinding block etc.

Finally, due to with high melting point, chemical inertness and heat-shock resistance, silicon carbide can be used as refractory materials and corrosion resistant materials. For instance, abrasive tools, ceramic firing kiln shed board and small furnace material of silicon carbide ceramics and other products.