the applications of silica fume in refractory materials

Silica fume is mainly used to improve refractory materials for over forty years. Silica fume using in refractory materials has many features as following:

  • Silica fume can increase the liquidity of pouring type of refractory materials, reduce water consumption and make it easy to shape and improve production efficiency greatly.
  • Because of its ultra-structure of filler, the density of refractory material and strength will increase significantly;
  • Silica fume has high activity, under the premise of existence of Al2O3 ingredients, it is easy to generate the mullite phase to make the high temperature strength and thermal shock resistance increase greatly.
  • Silica fume has strong hydrophilic. Adding water, it can make stronger cohesion in refractory material in order to improve the performance of high temperature resistance of refractory and prolong the service life of refractory products.

Refractory material usually uses unencrypted micro silicon powder. At present, besides in casting refractory material widely using, unencrypted micro silicon is applied extensively in the fused and sintered refractories. Such as low cement castable, developed in the seventy’s, is a new type of high performance refractory castable, which is successfully developed by France first. Therefore, silica fume is widely applied in various industrial high temperature furnace with good technical and economic effect.


Low cement castable and ordinary castable both use calcium aluminate cement. But adding silica fume and high efficiency water reducing agent, it can not only save expensive aluminate cement 50-70% but also improve the cement performance. Silica fume has double applications in the new castable. Because of the size of silica fume is very small, and an important feature of silica fume can reduce the cement content in the refractory casting material.

Silica fume is widely used in refractory industry. Refractory raw material can be instead of pure aluminium oxide mud as refractor material; Used as an additive to join in the production of amorphous and shaped refractory products, silica fume can improve strength and increase the high temperature performance. In addition, it is applied in the ladle as a whole as condensation agent. According to the data indicate, the low cement castable with silica fume has been widely applied in coke oven, the sintering, steel-making, steel rolling, nonferrous metallurgy, petroleum as well as chemical, cement, glass ceramics and power generation industry etc at home and abroad. More info about silica fume applications, you can browse our website: Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co.,LTD will provide detailed introduction for our customers.