the advantages of silica fume for sale in concrete at Huatuo metallurgy suppliers

Silica fume for sale in concrete at Huatuo metallurgy suppliers has a variety of advantages. So it is necessary to add silica fume for large construction projects. Silica fume price is gradually increasing in recent day. So who wants to purchase silica fume, please place order as soon as possible. Today we will introduce the advantages of silica fume for customers and purchasers.

1.Silica fume is a kind of neutral inorganic filler which physical properties, chemical properties are very stable, without crystallization water, without participating in the curing reaction and without affecting the reaction mechanism.

2.Silica fume has good infiltrating for all kinds of resin, good adsorption performance, good mixture and do not produce the cluster phenomenon.

3.Silica fume particle size distribution is reasonable, the density is strong, the hardness is big, and wear-resistance performance is good. And it can greatly improve the curing of tensile, compressive, impact strength and wear resistance. The resistance to impact grinding capacity can increase 0.5 to 2.5 times when adding silica fume.

4.Silica fume can change the adhesiveness, increase the flame retardant performance and increase the coefficient of thermal conductivity.

5.Silica fume can reduce the cure reaction of epoxy resin exothermic peak temperature, reduce the linear expansion coefficient of curing and curing shrinkage rate, thus eliminating internal stress and prevent craze.

6.Because of silica fume fine granularity, the distribution is reasonable, it can effectively reduce and eliminate the precipitation and stratification.

7.Micro silica powder quality is pure, low impurity content, physical and chemical performance is stable. And it makes condensate have good insulation performance and electric arc resistance.

8.The chemical composition of micro silica is for SiO2, SiO2 belongs to inert material and can not afford to most acid alkali chemical reaction. Micro silica powder is distributed evenly, covering in the object surface with strong corrosion resistance and cavitation erosion resistance can improve 3-16 times.

9.Micro silica with small bulk density: 0.2 to 0.8 and 1.0 to 2.2. As polymer filler material, micro silica is less than other dosage of mineral filling goods, loading weight is small, save the polymer injection amount, so it can reduce the product cost.

10.Frost-resistance: micro silica powder in a 300-500 times fast thawing cycle, relative elastic modulus lung low 10-20%, but normal concrete through 25-50 times cycle, relative long elastic modulus is low 30-73%. So it can improve the frost resistance of concrete.

11.Early strength: micro silica powder mixed into concrete can make induction period shorten with the characteristics of early strength.