synthetic graphite recarburizer

Synthetic graphite recarburizer refers to the change of molecular structure of carbon products through high temperature or other means and has a regular arrangement. This molecular arrangement has a much wider molecular spacing of carbon, which is more conducive to decomposition in molten iron or molten steel. At present, graphite recarburizer on the market generally comes from two sources: one is the scrap cutting of graphite electrodes, the other is the grapitized product of petroleum coke 3000 degrees. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Co.,LTD, as a synthetic graphite recarburizer supplier, will provide professional knowledge about recarburizer to help purchaser choose and buy.


Recarburizer is divided into two kinds: one is used for refining steel and the other is used for cast iron as well as other additives to recarburizer such as brake pad additives and friction materials. The recarburizer is used as raw material in the external steel making and iron-making increasing carbon. High quality recarburizer is essential additives for the production of high quality steel.

The Graphite Recarburizer Features:
★High absorption rate: The carbon content 80% of graphite recarburizer has an good absorption effect equivalent to the carbon content more than 90% of coal-based recarburizer.

★Convenient to use: Don’t need to adjust the feeding equipment and method.

★Energy saving: Due to high absorption rate and fast reaction speed, the smelting time is shortened and the effect of energy saving and consumption reduction is achieved.

The Methods to Uses:
When adjusting the carbon content during the batching, according to the requirements of the carbon content when the molten steel is melted, the metal charge is added to the lower part of the middle portion of the electric furnace and the carbon absorption rate is high. When the recarburizing agent is not melted, please don’t slag, otherwise it is easy to be wrapped inside the waste residue to affect the absorption of carbon;
After the molten steel is melted, the carbon content can be added to the surface of the molten steel. The vortex stirring or manual stirring of the molten steel during the melting of the electric furnace dissolves and absorbs the carbon. And the carbon absorption rate is about 85%.