sulfur and phosphorus for gray cast iron

Gray cast irons, especially those with higher grades, it is not that the lower of sulfur and phosphorus, the better, but there should be an appropriate amount. Following will introduce more about the influence of sulfur and phosphorus to the gray cast iron.



1.The effect of sulfur on gray cast iron

(1)Effect of sulfur content on eutectic cluster of gray cast iron: since sulfide can be used as a base for eutectic graphite nucleation, it can also suppress the growth of eutectic clusters, however, sulfur is an element that promotes the formation of white cast iron, so an appropriate amount of sulfur is advantageous (from the perspective of reducing white month, when the sulfur content is 0.41%, the width of the white mouth is the smallest).

(2)Effect of sulfur on mechanical properties of gray cast iron: tests have shown that regardless of the inoculation or non-inoculation cast iron, when the sulfur is not more than 0.04%, the hardness increase rapidly with the increase of sulfur; when the sulfur is greater than 0.04%, the increase in hardness slow down.

2.The effect of phosphorus on gray cast iron.

(1)Phosphorus can weaken the mechanical and chemical sand adhesion of gray cast iron, thus making the surface of the casting smooth. The production practice shows that when the phosphorus content is 0.02%-0.04%, it will appear sticky on the castings, when the phosphorus content is increased to 0.09-0.12%, the sticky sand of the casting will disappear, and casting sand cleaning time can re reduced by 35%.

(2)Phosphorus is used to improve the wear resistance and fluidity of castings.for castings that require high wear resistance, such as machine tool guides, piston rings, cylinder sleeves, etc, always used phosphorus alloy cast iron, the content of phosphorus is 0.35-0.65%, the purpose of adding phosphorus is to use the wear resistance of phosphorus eutectic to achieve the purpose of reducing wear. For some thin-walled castings and artistic castings, in order to make the castings have a clear outline and a smooth surface, and appropriate amount of phosphorus is usually added.

In summary, the content of sulfur and phosphorus is not better for more or less, it should be controlled to an appropriate amount,so it will involve the iron pyrite and iron phosphorus to increase the sulfur and phosphorus. For the iron pyrite, the content of sulfur is generally about 45%, the particle size can be customized conventionally 3-8mm or 5-40mm, the iron phosphorus is often with national standard the content of phosphorus more than 22% and particle size 10-50mm. If you need to reduce the sulfur content, you need to use the desulfurizer. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy specializes in processing and export of iron pyrite, iron phosphorus and desulfurizer with more than ten years experience, believe it will provide you with good technical guidance and pre-sales and after-sales service, if you have any technical problems or product purchases, please feel free to contact.