status of silicon carbon alloy

Silicon carbon alloy is composed of silicon, iron and carbon. It has a good application in the smelting of steel such as deoxidizer and slag collector. Compared with the ferro silicon alloy, the price is better than other metallurgical materials. As a deoxidizer, silicon carbon alloy can replace the traditional ferro silicon, silicon carbide and other metallurgical materials. So it is important for status of silicon carbon alloy. Let’s share the status of silicon carbon alloy in the applications.


Deoxidation status of silicon carbon alloy
The silicon carbon alloy contains silicon. In the steel making process, adding silicon carbon alloy in the molten steel, the silicon element reacts with oxygen to deoxidizer the oxygen to improve the hardness and quality of the steel. In addition, the silicon element in the silicon carbon alloy oxygen has a good affinity. So the molten steel has the characteristics of no splash after being placed.

Slag collection status of silicon carbon alloy
Silicon carbon alloy also has the status of slag collection. A certain proportion of silicon carbon alloy is put into molten steel, which can make the oxides in the steel making process to hold up quickly, facilitate the filtration treatment, make the molten steel more pure and greatly improve the density and hardness of the steel.

Status of silicon carbon alloy to Improve furnace temperature
Silicon carbon alloy is a good temperature resistant material. In the process of steel making, silicon carbon alloy can increase the furnace temperature, the conversion rate of iron alloy and accelerate the reaction speed of molten steel and elements.

Through the learning of status of silicon carbon alloy, we know that the silicon carbon alloy can save costs for many steel manufacturers and foundry factories. As a new metallurgical material, silicon carbon alloys are favored by many manufacturers because the prices are lower than traditional metallurgical materials. Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy, silicon carbon alloy supplier, offer high quality silicon carbon alloy and full after-sale service for customers.