silicon slag uses

Silicon slag is familiar to many people in the industry. Huatuo Metallurgy is engaged in the production and sales of silicon slag for many years, and has a certain understanding of silicon slag. 

First of all, we know that silicon slag is a ferroalloy product collected from the remainder of the original ore refining, and it also contains a certain amount of silicon. The classification of silicon slag is also relatively large, generally we can be divided into industrial silicon slag, solar silicon slag, semiconductor silicon slag and so on.


The important thing is that the silicon slag can be re-crystallized and purified again to realize the re-use of the silicon material, so that the silicon slag is fully used, and its use value is relatively high. There are also various processes for extracting silicon from silicon slag. Method of. In order to extract certain industrial silicon from silicon slag, the first step is to separate the obvious light-colored silicon slag and the dark silicon slag in the silicon slag by hand hammer, and then further separate by metallurgical material selection principle. Increasing the silicon content in the silicon slag; the second part requires a chemical reaction to carry out the smelting separation, mainly to separate the impurities in the molten silicon.

The silicon slag generally contains at least 15% of elemental silicon component, and further extracts and separates the silicon slag, so that a certain silicon element can be obtained, so that the waste of silicon is saved to a certain extent, and the industrial silicon slag is reduced. The use in the metallurgical industry is also very extensive.

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