silicon slag suppliers

It is well known that silicon slag is widely used in the steel making with low cost and good effect. Silicon slag is a good iron alloy product which is a by-product produced during smelting metal silicon or ferro silicon. So silicon slag suppliers is key factor for steel manufacturers and purchasers. Then how do we choose a high quality silicon slag suppliers? Huatuo metallurgy, as a professional silicon slag suppliers, is a trusted and reliable supplier that can supply various models of silicon slag with high quality and low cost. Therefore, the price of silicon slag is much cheaper than other ferro alloy products. Lots of manufacturers have fully know what the silicon slag is. They found there is great profit in the silicon slag business.


Silicon slag is not a specialized metallurgical material, however, it is a by-product of the production of ferro alloys. The silicon slag contains a certain amount of silicon and the silicon slag can be remelted and purified from the beginning, and the silicon material is reused. So the silicon slag is fully utilized as well as relatively high application values. It is necessary to extract industrial silicon slag from the silicon slag. The first step is to require us to separate the bright silicon slag from the dark silicon slag; then use the principle of the selection of further separate and reach the silicon content in the advanced silicon slag. Compared with ferro silicon and silicon metal, silicon slag is high quality and low price. It is a wise choice to purchase silicon slag and search trusted silicon slag suppliers. So that we can not only avoid expensive cost ferro alloys products but also smelt high quality finished products.

Huatuo metallurgy is ideal choice as silicon slag suppliers, we have a complete set of silicon slag production facilities and professional customer service team. For Huatuo metallurgy, it is our eternal goal to treat each customer seriously and responsibly. Whether it is demand or problems encountered in applications, Huatuo Metallurgy can seriously solve any difficulties for customers. Welcome to consult and send Inquiry to us