silicon slag for sale

Silicon slag for sale has an irreplaceable advantage as one of the metallurgical materials purchased by the manufacturers. However, most people thought silicon slag is a waste of ferro alloy that is useless. In fact, people in many industries know that silicon slag for sale is the original silicon ore that is left after being refined and it contains a lot of silicon. Due to the various applications of silicon, silicon slag are classified into industrial silicon slag, solar silicon slag and semiconductor silicon slag and so on. Also silicon slag has very large value in steel making and can be reused as a deoxidizer.


Silicon slag is the residue left after the silicon ore is refined. The residue also contains a lot of silicon content. The specifications of silicon slag includes silicon slag 40, silicon slag 50, silicon slag 55 and silicon slag 60. And they have the same uses in practical applications. The silicon content determines the effect and cost of the use process. Additionally, silicon slag, from Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy Manufacturer, can be processed into silicon slag powder and silicon slag briquette. We handle the problem that makes it easier and safer for customers to use.

The silicon slag is mainly used as a deoxidizer and refining industrial silicon from silicon slag. For many customers, silicon slag for sale, as a deoxidizer, can reduce costs and increase profits. Therefore, silicon slag is also a super star in the field of deoxidation. Because of low price and sufficient silicon content, steel makers are more inclined to silicon slag products when they purchase ferro alloy raw materials for steel making. In desulfurization, silicon slag also performs well, because the silicon slag mainly contains a large amount of basic oxides, which can react with sulfur dioxide to form sulfates. And the slurry can be used for flue gas desulfurization.


Silicon slag can be also used for steel slag refining pig iron and ordinary casting and so on. Silicon slag can improve furnace temperature, increase molten iron flow, high quality slagging and labeling as well as update the toughness and cutting ability of iterative castings. Established in 2001, Anyang Huatuo Metallurgy, as silicon slag manufacturer, is a professional manufacturer of ferro alloys and metallurgical materials with professional facilities for the production. Welcome to visit our factory and send inquiry.