silicon metal slag for sale

Silicon metal slag for sale as metallurgical materials is hot popular by lots of steel making manufacturers with irreplaceable advantages. It is well-known that silicon metal slag is by-product during the production of ferro silicon and silicon metal containing a lot of silicon element. For instance, when producing ferro silicon, it is easy to produce ferro silicon residue due to excessive temperature in the furnace. The produced ferrosilicon needs to be broken into the size according to customers’ requirement. So that the silicon metal slag is generated during the crushing process and it is the source of the ferrosilicon slag. Because of different applications, silicon metal slag for sale is divided into industrial silicon slag, solar silicon slag and semiconductor silicon slag. Silicon slag has great recycling value and is widely used in many fields.


Applications of Silicon Metal Slag

Silicon slag is also a “bright star product” in the field of deoxidation. Due to its low price and silicon element, steel-making enterprises are more inclined to silicon slag products when purchasing iron-alloy raw materials for steel making. Silicon metal slag for sale is also excellent in desulfurization, because the silicon slag contains a large amount of basic oxides, which can react with sulfur dioxide to form sulfates. And the slurry can be used for flue gas desulfurization. As deoxidation, silicon metal slag for sale can reduce the costs of production and increase the profits.

In addition, silicon metal slag can also be used for steel slag refining pig iron, ordinary casting and so on. Silicon metal slag can not only improve furnace temperature but also increase molten iron flow, high quality slagging and update the toughness as well as cut ability for iterative castings. Moreover, stainless steel manufacturers also use silicon metal slag as reducing agent to upgrade efficiency and output in electric furnace to refine stainless steel.

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