silicon metal powder advantages

Silicon metal powder is made of silicon metal by grinding. High quality silicon metal powder has a good particle size and uniform effect. Why do we need silicon metal powder? In fact, there are many advantages and effects for silicon metal powder compared with silicon metal natural blocks. According to silicon metal powder properties, the silicon metal powder advantages as following:


► High temperature resistance
Silicon metal powder can be used in the production of refractory materials and powder metallurgy industry. The silicon metal powder can improve the high temperature resistance of the product during smelting, which is usually required by the steel industry.

► High durable
The silicon metal powder can improve the wear resistance of the castings in the production of some wear-resistant castings. The silicon metal powder uses can effectively improve the service life and quality of the castings.

► Deoxidation
The silicon metal powder contains a certain amount of silicon which can affinity-produce oxygen to produce silica, and reduces the reaction ability during smelting while deoxidizing. It make sure deoxidation much safer!

► Silicone industry
The silicon metal powder can participate in the synthesis of silicone polymers. And we can produce high quality silicon monomer, silicone rubber, silicone oil and other products through silicon metal powder.

► Metallurgical foundry industry
In the metallurgical foundry industry, silicon metal powder has also been widely used. In the steel making process, silicon metal powder can be used as a deoxidizer, alloy additive and so on. And the effect is very significant. Meanwhile, the silicon metal powder can also be used in the production of castings as inoculant uses.

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