silicon metal manufacturers

Silicon Metal is also called industrial silicon by silicon metal manufacturer, it main be used as additive for non-ferrous alloy. It is insoluble in acid, but soluble in alkali, it has two types of allotrope, one type is dark brown amorphous powder, the chemical character is active, the other type is crystal in stable character. It is smelted by quartz and coke in electric furnace, the content of the main element silicon will be around 98%, and the other inclusion will be Fe, Al, Ca and etc. It is main used to manufacture the organic silicon, high pure semiconductor material and alloy for special usage. It can be divided according to the content of Fe, Al, Ca into 553, 441, 3303, 2202, and other different type. 


As the manufacturers of silicon metal, they all know the usage of silicon metal as following: The important material for metal ceramic and space voyage; Fiber optic communication; To produce the  silicone rubber, silicon resin and silicone oil and other organic silicon; To manufacture the high pure semiconductor; To compound the alloy, the biggest using quantity alloy is the silicon aluminum alloy, silicon aluminum alloy is the strong compound deoxidizer, can instead of the pure aluminum to improve the use ratio, can clean the molten steel and improve the quality of steel. 

The smelting of silicon metal is belong to the high energy consumption production, China is the main place of origin for the silicon metal in the global world, there are so much more silicon metal manufacturers in China, The production capacity of silicon metal is relatively large, the metallurgical silicon metal 553 and 441 have a wide distribution area, the place of origin main in Guizhou, Yunnan, Fujian and others.

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