silicon metal applications

Silicon metal is an industrially purified elemental silicon that is mainly used in the production of silicon, the preparation of high-purity semiconductor materials and alloys for special applications. After several years of development, silicon metal has won recognition from many customers and is widely used in various fields. However, silicon metal has various types as well as many functions. Today, we will enjoy knowledge of silicon metal applications to help customers better understand silicon metal.


Because silicon metal has high hardness, chemical stability and certain toughness. It is a very versatile in abrasive that can be used to make grinding wheels, oil-stones, coated abrasives or free grinding. Silicon metal is mainly used for grinding non-metallic materials such as glass, ceramics, stone, cast iron and some non-ferrous metals. Because the reactivity of silicon metal is very weak with these materials. Silicon metal hardness is second to diamond and has strong wear resistance.

2.Refractory and corrosion resistant material
Because of high melting point(decomposition temperature), chemical inertness and thermal shock resistance, silicon metal is also widely used in refractory materials and corrosion resistant materials. Make use of high temperature resistance, high strength, good thermal conductivity and impact resistance, silicon metal, as high temperature indirect heating material, is widely used in metallurgical high temperature resistant materials.

3.Manufacturing high purity semiconductors
Modern large-scale integrated circuits are almost always made of high-purity silicon metal. And It is also the main raw material for manufacturing optical fibers. It can be said that silicon metal has become the basic pillar industry in the information age.

4.Metallurgical additives for steel making
Silicon metal can be used as purifying agent for smelting steel, that is to say, as a deoxidizer for steel making and a modifier for cast iron. Silicon metal can be decomposed in molten steel and reacted with free oxygen and metal oxides in molten steel to form carbon monoxide and silicon containing slag. When smelting cast iron, silicon metal is often added excessively to allow a small amount of silicon to enter the molten iron. This treatment purifies the structure of the cast iron and promotes the perfection of the casting made thereof.

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